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About Us

Rhythmic Films is a rapidly moving production company focused on internationally marketable feature films.  With partnerships throughout Asia, we pride ourselves on our ability to creatively bring eastern and western worlds together in both stories and business to create memorable and unique films.

What We Do

At Rhythmic Films, we love creating new and engaging stories. Exploring worlds and landscapes in the past, in the present, or in a time and place yet to be dreamed of. We want the world to meet new characters. Characters with charisma and personality, backstories that resonate with the audience. Those we cheer for, some we cry for and others that make us rage.


Our approach to making great films, TV, and digital content is a strategic blend of high-level creativity and commercial pragmatism. Our projects are driven by audience research and supported by partners both domestic and global. We are fast building a reputation for creating "high concept, high production value projects. Our financing structure minimizes at-risk capital, allowing us to deliver more for less and improving return on investment. 2019 will see our offices and teams expand into Southeast Asia. With multiple projects on the go, we are incredibly excited about future opportunities, further developing existing partnerships, and creating new partnerships.

Come on the journey, lets see where the story takes us!




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