Harmony was born with a unique gift; She absorbs negative emotional energy from people she touches. She only has limited control over her gift and if she absorbs too much negative energy or fear from people, she could die. When Harmony meets mason, a wealthy young man full of kindness and void of fear, everything changes. For the first time in Harmony’s life, she’s able to touch someone else without consequence. Through a near death experience, they both discover that their connection and the foundation for an incredible bond started before they were born and that Harmony’s destiny is far greater than she could possibly imagine.

Released: 2018  |   Genre: Supernatural/Teen Romance  |   Rating: M

Directed By:

Corey Pearson

Screen Play:

Corey Pearson

Produced By:

Abi Tabone, Corey Pearson

Executive Producers:

Jeremie Guiraud, Jack Sheehan, Peter Dinkwater


Jacqueline McKenzie, Eamon Farren, Jessica Falkholt, Jerome Meyers, Tiriel Mora,

Jordan Cowan, Paula Arundell

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