Message Man


Message Man is set within the beauty of the Indonesian archipelagos, the story
follows a retired hitman Ryan Teller (Paul O’Brian) who is trying to forget his dark past.
Choosing to live a nomadic life on his boat, Ryan forms a reluctant friendship with
a local boy Doni (Aji Santosa) who, desperate for money, convinces Ryan to hire
him to restock his boat. Through his growing friendship with Doni and his family,
he learns that a gang is trafficking young women from his village. After the young boy’s life is threatened Ryan confronts the gang and unwittingly reveals his location to a criminal network headed by Lee (Verdi Soloman). Lee has been hunting Ryan ever since he killed his parents as a ‘hit’ when he was just a boy. As revenge Lee kidnaps Doni setting in motion a violent retaliation that forces Ryan on one last final killing spree to make things right.

Released: 2018  |   Genre: Action  |   Rating: MA (15+)

Directed By:

Corey Pearson

Screen Play:

Corey Pearson

Produced By:

Mitchel Palmer, Corey Pearson, Allo Geaffary, Mark Olsen

Executive Producers:

Henry Ambarita, Dedi Suherman, Phil Hunt, Mike Lewis, Compton Ross, Arya Widharta


Paul O,Brien, Aji Santosa, Verdi Solaiman, Mario Irwinsyah, Agni Pratishtha, Mike Lewis, Alfridus Godfrew Ronny P. Tjandra, Gary Plant, Bran Vargas

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